My Next Two Books Are Publishing With Penguin Random House & Ace Roc


I’m so happy (and in a bit of disbelief) to announce my next two books, Mecha Samurai Empire & Sons of War, will be published by Penguin Random House and Ace and Roc Books. It’s a dream come true and I’ll be working with amazing executive editor, Anne Sowards. Both are standalone books with Mecha focusing on the war between the USJ and the Germans. Mecha has been my life for the past 2 years and has been on my mind continuously, to the point when people asked about USJ, I was like, so much has happened since then! lol (I finished USJ about 3 years ago). Mecha started out, oddly enough, as a novella and just kept on growing until it became a massive novel at about 160K words. It was just so fascinating exploring that world and really delving into the characters, whereas USJ was more like an introduction to that world (also, the nature of the day by day structure precluded more exploration). So I am ecstatic to get to publish with Ace Roc, Berkley Publishing, and Penguin Random House. Seriously, still cannot believe it! What a journey the past year has been.  THANK YOU!!! And thank you GP Solo-san for an amazing picture!


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