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United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas [978-0857665331] $16.99; March 2016

“United States of Japan is hailed as the spiritual sequel to Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.  Set in a gripping alternate history where the Japanese empire rules over America with huge robots. Is resistance possible in the form of subversive video games?”


  • “A searing vision of the persistence of hope in the face of brutality, United States of Japan is utterly brilliant.” —Ken Liu, Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy winner and author of The Grace of Kings
  • “Mind-twisting and fiercely imaginative; Tieryas fuses classic sci-fi tradition with his own powerful vision.” —Jay Posey, author of Legends of the Duskwalker series, writer at Ubisoft/Redstorm.
  • “It’s a tense and intriguing read, a blend of alt history and cyber punk and thriller. 1988 California where San Diego is a razed landscape home to American rebels, and Japanese mechas patrol the coast? Heck yes!” —Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger
  • United States of Japan is a powerful book, unsettling at times—surreal and hypnotic. There’s a bit of Philip K. Dick in here, and Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but Peter Tieryas is his own voice, a talented author, somebody to keep an eye on for sure. I loved his last book, BALD NEW WORLD, and I loved this one, too.” —Richard Thomas, author of Breaker and Disintegration

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