Rygar Is A Non-Linear 8-Bit Masterpiece Published at Kotaku


I loved Rygar as a kid and am thrilled to get to do a deep dive on the game at Kotaku as part of my metroidvania on NES series. Big thanks to editor Chris Kohler for being kickass as always and bringing out the best in my article! The game released on Switch online and I highly recommend if you’re into retro metroidvania style games!

Argool was a utopian paradise run by the Indora gods, until the evil Ligar attacked and corrupted everything that was sacred. His army of “animalized men wriggling eerily” (the exact description from the game manual) destroyed everything that was precious in Argool. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, they couldn’t find anyone among the living to save them, so Rygar was resurrected from the dead to come to the rescue. That might explain why he’s so pale. It also technically makes Rygar a zombie game, except the zombie is the savior instead of a bio-scourge.


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