How The Brilliant Works of Hideo Kojima Influenced Cyber Shogun Revolution at IGN Japan (translated by Daisuke Onitsuka)


When it comes to the Mecha Samurai Empire series, while most people refer to The Man in the High Castle as an inspiration, I’d say for Cyber Shogun Revolution, the biggest influence are the works of Hideo Kojima. Everything from the second game in the Metal Gear series to Snatcher and Zone of the Enders has had a big impact. I thought it’d be real fun to explore in depth what were some of the aspects that had such an influence. The Japanese-translated essay was published first in IGN Japan and I’m so thrilled to share it. A massive thanks to Daisuke Onitsuka for the awesome translation! He did an amazing job and I’m so honored to have collaborated with him on this. An English version will be coming soon in the near future so please stay tuned.


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