Wonderful Cyber Shogun Revolution Review at Den of Geek


I feel like it’s been forever since my last blog post. So much has changed across the world. I’m taking it day by day and will write more on it later, but just wanted to share this pretty amazing review of Cyber Shogun Revolution at Den of Geek!

“All of these huge philosophical issues and the heart-rending decisions made because of them are set against a backdrop of incredibly awesome technology, including completely immersive cyber bubbles and mecha that defend the city. The novels are all jam packed with giant robot action, and while it’s the ethical questions that stick with me, there’s a tremendous amount of fun in reading about mecha going after each other with plasma swords and chain saw.”

In these trying times, I try to find joy wherever I can and this definitely made my day! Thank you Alana and Den of Geek!


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