Writing About Zelda II At Kotaku


Video game confession: Zelda II on the NES was one of my favorite games. I wrote about why at Kotaku and how it’s intertwined with the two years I spent in South Korea as a kid. Big thanks to editor Chris Kohler for the kickass editing!

The moment I fired up Zelda II, I saw the familiar had evolved into something much more complex. I loved its colorful manual, sprawling world, and towns filled with NPCs. I know the NPCs seem absurdly limited now, like the guy who only says “I AM ERROR.” Back then, it was a warp zone to another universe. Not only was there a thriving community, but many of these people needed help. In Darunia, an old woman’s child was kidnapped by a Geru, and Link had to travel to the Maze Island to rescue the kid. In Ruto, a Goriya had stolen a family’s trophy, and Link had to retrieve it from the Desert Cave in Western Hyrule. Through Link, I was working to make a difference in their lives.



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