Interview and Excerpt of Mecha Samurai Empire at SyFy


“That epic thundering you hear is not some distant storm or the garbage man rattling the cans outside, it’s the imminent arrival of new alt-history sci-fi novel, Mecha Samurai Empire. Think of Mecha Samurai Empire as an adrenalized fusion of Phillip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.” Really fun interview and excerpt about Mecha Samurai Empire at SYFY! Thank you Jeff Spry!

Can you power up a preview of Mecha Samurai Empire‘s plot?

Peter Tieryas: Huge imperial mechas fight massive Nazi biomechs in a titanic struggle for survival. In between their battles, the mecha cadets explore the strange culture of this alternate history where tempura shrimp burgers and treks to the Asian-influenced Las Vegas result in a cultural fusion that’s both eerily familiar and welcomingly alien. Think of it as a metroidvania of science fiction, alternate history, dating romcom, and literary RPG-hood with the characters leveling up after each act.



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