Guest Editor At Kotaku Over Thanksgiving


I was extremely honored to be the guest editor at Kotaku over Thanksgiving and the following Friday. It was a lot of fun getting to write about games that I’ve loved and share them with the fantastic readers at Kotaku. Games covered everything from retro to modern, jumping from Persona 5 all the way to Terranigma.

I began the whole run talking about the time I ate the Resident Evil brain cake at the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku. I ended with a discussion about our favorite video game worlds. In total, I had 18 articles, though I ended up pulling my Shining in the Darkness article for another time.

I learned a lot and my admiration for game journalism went up even more. The work isn’t just about writing about my favorite games, but finding a new perspective and trying to analyze a series of themes, finding a good title (it’s something I honestly struggled with a bit, ha ha), determining good phrases for social media sharing, capturing and picking out the images to go with the article, interacting/hosting the article with readers, and a hundred other things. The readers were incredible. I was so grateful for many of the kind words readers wrote and to hear their perspective, even if it was disagreeing with some of my points (I love a good debate).

The Kotaku staff was wonderful. Riley, my managing editor, was always there to help out and several of the other editors jumped in to give me advice on slack, which is their messaging system, even though it was Thanksgiving.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by as well as to Kotaku for an amazing opportunity!


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