Reflections on Traveling East, Winning the Seiun, and What Comes Next at the B&N Science Fiction Blog


I wrote an essay about my first trip to Japan to receive the Seiun, my personal thoughts, and some of the ways I was deeply touched by the amazing SF community in Japan at Donburacon at The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog.

We were primed for Peter Tieryas United States of Japan from the moment we revealed the cover almost two years ago. The book didn’t disappoint, and made our best of 2016 list. We followed with interest as we learned that while it was popular enough in the U.S., it had become a phenomenon in Japan. We thrilled at the recent news that Ace will be publishing two sequels, beginning in 2018. And when we learned Peter would be traveling to Japan to receive the prestigious Seiun Award, we asked him to write about the experience.

This is his account of that life-changing trip.

Donburacon is a really amazing conference. Everything from the award ceremony, to the panels, to meetings the fans made it so special.

Thank you editor Joel for publishing the essay! Some pictures below:


This is me doing rock-scissors-paper versus the crowd and winner got a copy of the book.


Me signing sake boxes for fans and attendees.


Hanging out with incredible journalist, Daisuke Onitsuka. Love his Iron Giant cosplay!


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