The Amazing USJ Mecha From GP Solo Arrives


Super talented designer GP Solo sent me this amazing mecha model to celebrate Mecha Samurai Empire and I’m still blown away by how awesome it is. I waited all week for this and when I received it, I was so excited. As a kid, I used to want all the mecha toys and to get to hold one from a world I wrote about is a dream come true. And the detail. The details from the grooves to the way everything is connected is super helpful for me as I imagine these mechas in full blown conflict.

On top of that, the package it came in was super sleek and awesome and felt like an actual toy. As I joked online, Christmas came early this year and it was such a special feeling.

FullSizeRender (58)

Me opening the box:

FullSizeRender (59)

On top of that, GP Solo-san was also generous enough to send me my first ever Super Famicom game, complete with manual and all the little sheets. I do have SNES games, but no Super Famicom, so it was great to see!




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