The History Behind United States of Japan Class

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I was so happy to get to share my “History Behind the United States of Japan” talk one last time with this great audience before I hang it up for good with Mecha coming. One of the reasons I wrote United States of Japan was my deep desire to share more about the tragedies in the Pacific side of WWII. Even though it was the end of a long day at Donburacon, it was an amazing session, so many great questions during the Q&A, and just a fantastic evening.  Here’s a picture of my two translators below which made the experience all the more unique because it was a live translation.



One thought on “The History Behind United States of Japan Class

  1. Dear Peter,
    I just finished reading The United States of Japan. I enjoyed it immensely. It held my interest from beginning to end.
    However, I was bothered by the alternate history that was presented in your novel and in Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Man in the High Castle”.As far as I can tell the Japanese had a serious logistics problem during the Nomonhan incident. They did not have enough motorized assets, planes or fuel to win that
    set of battles. On top of that , mounted Mongolian units with bolt action rifles, that often fought as dragoons, proved to be far more effective than the Japanese had anticipated.
    To win against the Soviets the Japanese would have had to have made a conscious plan to redevelop their forces to prevail against the Soviet mechanized numbers and the immense number of
    of mounted Mongolians. As history shows the Japanese never made that commitment because they were ultimately more concerned with their oil problems and their fear of the American and British Navies.

    Additionally, The Germans never did develop nuclear bombs during WWII because of their obsession with triggering the chain reactions electronically instead of using a conventional
    explosion to drive plutonium into uranium.

    So, in my humble opinion, the Japanese lost the war because they never turned their logistic situation around and the Germans lost it because they could not get off the idea of triggering an A-bomb electronically.

    Marty La Pierre

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