My First Trip to Japan and a Warm Welcome From my Publisher, Hayakawa


I’ve been overseas the past month and a half, in Japan and China. It was an incredible trip on so many levels and my stay in Japan was made real special by my amazing publisher, Hayakawa and my awesome agent, Misa-san. I was really blown away by this warm welcome when I first arrived as well as a surreal moment when I saw all the USJs and the welcome sign! Was this really for me? I actually looked at it again cause I was like, what a coincidence that there’s all these USJ books until I realized it was for me. Had a wonderful time meeting my editor for the first time. We had a fantastic lunch, heard so many cool stories, and I got to see where all the magic happened. I also got to sign a bunch of copies for an upcoming conference, lol. Will share photos from my travels over the next few days (I’ve been off FB though sharing on twitter). Hope everyone has been well (we caught a flu last day and are trying to recover).

A couple images below, including signing for Hayakawa as well as a local bookstore my agent took me to. And another angle on the warm welcome from Hayakawa from Taiyo Fujii-san.




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