The AV Club Does A Writeup On My History of Blade Runner Games


I just saw that the The A.V. Club did a super cool writeup on my Blade Runner history article that I published at Kotaku. I spent so much time researching that article, tracking down interviews, and playing through both games multiple times. So I was very happy to see this love from one of my favorite sites. Thank you! 😂

The signature neon-and-smoke Blade Runner aesthetic is all over video games, from Hideo Kojima’s 1988 Snatcher to more recent efforts like the Deus Ex series, Gemini Rue, and futuristic bartending sim VA-11 HALL-A. In games, Blade Runner and cyberpunk are synonymous.

Over at Kotaku, Peter Tieryas talks with the folks behind the only two games directly adapted from Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic.


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