Fatal Frame II Is Still One Of The Scariest Games You Can Play at Kotaku


Last year for Halloween, I did a series of articles about horror games and playing through Fatal Frame II with Angela was one of the scariest.

There are some cultures that believe taking a photograph captures a part of your soul. Your job in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is to fight horror by recording it.

Playing as Mio Amakura, you and your twin sister Mayu unravel the mysteries behind the gruesome apparitions haunting Minakami Village. It is easily one of the scariest games ever developed.

What made it so terrifying was that it reminded us of some of our experiences in a building we used to live in.

There’s one ghost in particular who struck a nerve. A few years back, I lived in a tall apartment building. One day, I saw police had cordoned off an area along the sidewalk in front of the lobby. Someone had committed suicide by jumping. The security guard was shaken up, having actually seen footage of the fall. Another morning, we heard a loud crash outside of our building. We looked outside our window and saw a car had been totaled. A woman had lost control of her Benz and died in a terrible accident. People who lived nearby would often ask if the building was haunted. Shortly after we moved out, someone was shot in the bus stop outside our building. A friend of mine who stayed the night dreamt that a woman was hanging in our living room. Though I never experienced anything supernatural, it still give me shivers to think about living there.



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