Breath of the Wild Helped Me Beat The Legend of Zelda’s Second Quest Published at Kotaku


I wrote about my long journey to finally beating the Second Quest in the original Legend of Zelda at Kotaku. It required decades and some Breath of the Wild action. One of the coolest parts about this was working with two of Kotaku’s editors. I think often as writers, we have lots of ideas and want to get them all down. Amazing editors focus that all into a unified melody- and they were that 😀

My childhood friends thought the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES was easy: just gather the eight triforces and defeat Ganon. I had a hard time just finding the second labyrinth. I eventually learned that my trek through Hyrule at the age of seven was actually the Second Quest, a remixed journey with rearranged labyrinths and a much harder difficulty level. Because I’d typed in my user name as “Zelda,” a secret that unlocks the Second Quest, I never actually beat Zelda—until, 30 years later, I played Breath of the Wild.


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