United States of Japan Wins Second Place For The Honya Taisho Award


On the heels of the Seiun Award Nomination, I was so honored and thrilled to learn United States of Japan 『ユナイテッド・ステイツ・オブ・ジャパン』 won second place in the prestigious Honya Taisho Award, selected by all the booksellers in Japan.

Or as wiki says:

Japan Booksellers’ Award (本屋大賞 Hon’ya Taishō?, lit. “Bookstore Award”) is an annual Japanese literary award. It is awarded based on votes by bookstore clerks from all over Japan.[1]

Let me repeat as I’m having a hard time believing. Booksellers from all of Japan selected USJ as the #2 foreign book to sell! This means a whole lot to me. My first job while at Berkeley was working at a bookstore so I know how much weight that carries and how much work goes into running a bookstore! Extremely grateful to all of them and also very honored. Thank you!

And the book at the ceremony- you can see the #2 tag! (also, isn’t this mecha art from GP Solo amazing! I love the kinetic energy and the firing! He is so awesome!!!) The funniest part? I didn’t even know the book was up for the award so it was a very pleasant surprise when I saw it popping up in my social media!



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