USJ “comes complete with post-cyberpunk technology & giant robots”- Awesome Review at Science Fiction Book Review


A really stunning review of USJ at the Science Fiction book Review from someone who is a fan of The Man in the High Castle. I’m super honored. Also, check out the latest mecha art from GP Solo- I love his work!

The biggest danger of continuing someone else’s work is that fans of the original won’t appreciate it, that it doesn’t hold up. It’s also dangerous to fall into the trap of just repeating what the first author wrote and trying too hard to write in their voice. Tieryas avoids both these traps, there’s clearly a continuation from PKD’s work and the style of writing — the attention to character and detail in particular — draws inspiration from PKD however it’s also clearly the author’s own voice, paying respect rather than trying to copy.

“The United States of Japan is a tremendous book, it’s got a wonderfully dark and rich atmosphere, great action, intelligent and twisted story and above all not only does it pay homage to one of the finest authors of the 20th century but also continues one of his most celebrated and yet most difficult works — simply wonderful.”


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