“A kick-ass dystopian action thriller-” Fantastic United States of Japan Review at Reading Lamp


There’s a wonderful review of United States of Japan at the Reading Lamp covering everything from the technology to the characters. Thank you very much Dark Chaplain!

The book’s pace is incredibly quick, spanning only a few days as far as the present-day plotline is concerned. There is more than enough action to keep blockbuster fans engaged. Plenty of intrigue and specks of new information keep you thinking and connecting dots, before everything becomes utterly clear in the end and blows up big time.

If nothing else, you’ll get a kick-ass dystopian action thriller with all bells and whistles. But there is much more to United States of Japan; enough to make it one of my favorite and quickest reads of what 2016 had to offer. Give it a whirl and be amazed at what Peter Tieryas constructed here. It won’t be pretty, but is highly compelling!



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