Gizmodo Japan Predicts USJ Film for 2017


In Gizmodo Japan’s lighthearted Forecast for 2017, they predict there will be a live action version of United States of Japan directed by Paul Verhoeven, lol! I was very young when I first saw Robocop. I was shocked by the violence. But at the same time, I was addicted to the science fiction elements, Murphy’s eventual rebirth as the cyborg, and his defeating “evil” while struggling with his own humanity. It‘s a movie where the dystopian elements seemed so outlandishly dark back then, but seem tame in comparison to reality now. So I loved it that the editor saw Verhoeven’s subconscious influence on my work. For those who’ve read and seen what happens to Akiko, you get where I’m coming from! Thank you Gizmodo Japan! =)


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