Amazing USJ Mecha Sculpts From A Fan in Japan

There’ve been some amazing fans in Japan and some very cool art. This mecha sculpt from user hollow999 has been unbelievable to see. He is actually building the mecha on the Japanese cover of USJ and the detail is so dang cool to see . I loved mecha model toys growing up and it takes me back to my childhood as I see this coming to life.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. Lots going on, lots of things I’m learning. I’ve been trying to focus most of my free time with family and writing. I’ve also been spending a lot less time on social media and I’ve actually noticed a huge impact in the way I go about my day as well as my writing volume, which is really interesting. So much of our lives revolves around online friends and activities, that it’s nice to take a respite every couple of days. If I’m slow to respond online for the next couple of weeks, apologies beforehand. =)


One thought on “Amazing USJ Mecha Sculpts From A Fan in Japan

  1. Thar’ is no reason to apologize for being offline. Its healthy to be offline anyways. Family should come first. We all know you worked hard on USJ novel and its amazing.

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