Interview in Japan’s Illustrious SF Magazine


Two types of magazines evoke nostalgia in me. Old Nintendo Powers, and magazines I grew up with from Asia that combine comics, science fiction, and essays. I’ve long heard about the prestigious SF Magazine in Japan (est. in 1960) and was so thrilled/honored to be interviewed by them about United States of Japan! I wish I could read the whole thing as there’s so much awesome imagery (and articles) within!

A small part from my interview (which was translated into Japanese):

For Japanese readers of United States of Japan, the combination of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle-esque world setting with “mecha’s” visual is very intriguing.
How did the idea of alternate history setting of USJ come to your mind?
What was your inspiration?

I’d long wanted to tell a story exploring the history and tragedies of WWII on the Pacific Front. A big part of that is because I feel that it’s an area that isn’t as well known and explored in the States. Another factor was learning that Philip K. Dick actually wanted to do a sequel to The Man In The High Castle, but found for various reasons, he couldn’t do it. When I read some of the sample chapters PKD began writing, I was disappointed to learn that it focused mostly on the German side. I wanted to know more about the Asian and Japanese side. What was it like for an Asian person in that era? That’s when the idea took root, what if I did a spiritual sequel set closer to the time I grew up (in the 80s and 90s), focusing on the Asian and Japanese side?

I also love some of the art and drawings inside!



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