United States of Japan Releases in Japan, Goes To Third Print In 1 Week


The first Japanese run of United States of Japan sold out in 3 days, and the second print was officially announced by my publisher to several major Japanese news outlets, bringing the total to 40k physical copies. A week later, they announced a third print. I feel amazed & grateful to Japanese readers! The last week has been a whirlwind and I’m so honored! I had been hoping that it would do well, but it’s blown my mind how it’s doing.

Plus, it’s been incredible getting to meet so many amazing Japanese readers. I love hearing their comments, thoughts, and reading the little details they’ve noticed. There are events I describe only in passing, even though I’ve thought up whole backgrounds for them, including a strange sport. I was so amazed when one reader wanted to know more about that sport! I also saw a fascinating discussion on prosthetics based on something that happens to one of the characters! If you’ve talked to me, messaged me, or communicated with me in any way, please forgive me if I’ve been over giddy, ha ha=)

Here’s the official press release at animeanime.jp


Also, it’s been doing really well in Amazon Japan. Japan has one of the biggest Amazon memberships outside of the U.S., so the fact that USJ volume 1 and 2 have consistently been in the top 100 Kindle bestsellers overall has been amazing. It’s also been #1 and 2 on science fiction paperbacks. The majority of reviews I’ve seen have been very positive which is the most gratifying part of all. Thank you Japan and my awesome publisher, Hayakawa!




2 thoughts on “United States of Japan Releases in Japan, Goes To Third Print In 1 Week

  1. Congrats on the amount of printings you sold. Those covers look awesome hanging next to eatch other. Did you go to Japan? How is that other book your working on that showed us up on your YouTube channel?

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