Lightspeed Magazine With An Awesome Review of United States of Japan


Wow!!! The awesome Lightspeed Magazine has their new incredible POC issue out and I was so honored to learn there’s an awesome review of United States of Japan written by the equally amazing Sunil Patel. “… it’s a hell of a ride, with multiple POVs and plot twists as history is written and rewritten right in front of you. It’s a challenging book with an ending as powerful as the iron grip of the godlike Emperor.” And to get more into it:

“This book is not about mechas. It is about empires. The horrible folly of empires and what unquestioning loyalty does to society and individuals.”

For those who are curious, the next USJ will focus entirely on mecha cadets. But for this first one, it was about bringing light to many of the tragedies of WWII. Big thanks again to Lightspeed.


2 thoughts on “Lightspeed Magazine With An Awesome Review of United States of Japan

  1. Yaw…I seen this art before. Isn’t this the same guy that tried to charge people to read his review a few months back? I’m asking for my cousin. Who just pointed it out. I had her read the book. She liked it.

    • Hi Forrice, thanks for the comment- sorry! not sure what you mean by charging people to read the review? It’s free online (and before was only available in the print edition). The art is from that issue of Lightspeed. Cheers =)

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