Talking About Star Trek’s Influence At The Verge

startrekStar Trek changed my life and had a deep influence on my writing. I was honored at this chance to talk about its influence on me with 12 other amazing authors at The Verge. I actually like something about all of the series, with TOS, TNG, and DS9 being my favorites. There were some jewels in Voyager and even Enterprise. Tapestry in TNG really sticks out for me and I loved getting to talk about it in the piece. DS9’s The Visitor is also one of the few episodes that made me weep like a baby, lol =p Big thanks to Andrew Liptak for including me in this incredible list.

One episode that has always stuck out for me was “Tapestry” fromTNG. Q gives Picard a chance to change one of the big regrets in his life and he does, only to find that his earlier recklessness and boldness was what gave his life later meaning. This is one of those episodes I think a lot about whenever I’m faced with an important decision. Mistakes are okay (even if it means losing your heart and getting it replaced with an artificial one like Picard), and accepting the parts of ourselves that we might not like as much later actually forms the “tapestry” of our lives.


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