My World Con Schedule

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Hi friends, I’ll be at World Con this year and if you’re around, say hi! I’ll be mostly at the Angry Robot Booth (otherwise wandering around). Really looking forward to meeting a lot of people for the first time! And here’s my panel schedule.

14:00 Writing Games in Fiction (KC Con Center / 2204)
16:00 Autographing (KC Con Center / Autographing Space)

13:00 VFX: A Dialog Between Creators (KC Con Center / 2205)
17:00 The Art of Games (KC Con Center / 3501D)

11:00 The Art of Worldbuilding (Kansas City Con Ctr / 2502A)

Also, my demo reel for the dialog between creators part:

Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “My World Con Schedule

  1. Hi Peter. We spoke about history and textbooks at the WorldCon Angry Robot booth, a conversation that, for me at least, was far more entertaining than it appears as I write it. 🙂 I referred you to a well-researched RPG sourcebook about alternate World War II scenarios that I thought you might enjoy. I’ve since realized that book is out of print. I’d like to send you scans of a few of the pages most relevant to Japan, so you can get a sense of the content in case you wanted to seek it out. If that’s of any interest, you can let me know (I believe I gave you my card). If not, no worries. Best wishes either way. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I thought you made excellent contributions to a Worldbuilding panel full of quite talented authors. Cheers.

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