My Gencon 2016 Experience in 3 Minutes

Gen Con is the biggest tabletop convention in the world with over 60,000 attendees. Taking place in the gorgeous city of Indianapolis, this was my first Gen Con and it was nonstop fun from the day I arrived. There’s fantastic cosplay, amazing games from one end to the other, and some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I spent a lot of my time at the Angry Robot Booth with my fellow robot army authors who are always a blast. It was so much fun getting to meet new readers as well as fans of the book. I was especially happy to meet Candice from Tubby and Coo’s, a wonderful bookstore in New Orleans.

A lot of my schedule had me speaking at panels for the Writer’s Symposium and meeting other authors. I loved hearing them speak, their insights, as well as their personal experiences. It was also just great talking pop culture, genre fiction, and literature. Some of the panel topics ranged from story breadcrumbs, making words count, building characters up, and fantasy in the 21st century. Thanks to all the panelists, moderators, as well as attendees. You really made the show special.

Between panels, I was either eating, playing games, or hanging out at the Angry Robot Booth with Patrick, Alyc, Mike Underwood, Carrie, Jay, and Maurice. I’m really loving his Knight of Breton Court omnibus, and his thoughts on alternate history and world building were fascinating.

Reading with Alyc was a blast and her book, The Dragons of Heaven, is a wonderfully fun adventure mixing Chinese myth, dragons, and shadow magic. I enjoyed getting to talk about the history of the United States of Japan in all its dark goriness.

I loved finally getting to meet Kameron Hurley in person, whose Worldbreak Saga and Geek Feminist Revolution I love. She signed a copy of Infidel for me, which Sunil also was generous to enough to sign.

When I wasn’t rambling from sleep deprivation, I was having a blast. I also got to see Margaret Weis who was an inspiration growing up. I met her at a conference a few years back when I was a struggling unpublished writer. She gave me so much encouragement back then and it inspired me in ways that still remain with me.

Big thanks to the whole Writer’s Symposium crew, esp. Marc and Melanie, for making the experience so much fun. Hopefully, see you all next year.


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