Loved Seeing Margaret Weis Again at Gen Con!


I’ve often talked about how big an influence Margaret Weis has had on me as a writer. I loved Dragonlance and the Death Gate Cycle growing up (I actually used to hide her books behind my textbook just so I could read them in class in high school). So a few years back when I had almost no publications to my name, it meant the world to me that, after reading one of my stories (“Her Brother’s Crow”), she gave me so much encouragement and support at a Writer’s Conference, telling me to believe in myself and that I had what it took. At the evening banquet, there was a special writer’s table, but instead of sitting there, she sat next to me and we got to talk pop culture, literature, and so much more. It’s something that’s stayed with me for all these years. Three book publications later (and actually attending Gencon as a guest writer/panelist), it was such a huge honor to get to see her again. Thank you so much Margaret! You made a huge difference in my life! =)


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