United States of Japan Sells out Twice at Gencon 2016!


Gencon 2016 has been AMAZING. The panels were great, got to meet so many fantastic writers, and it was also an opportunity to connect with fans. I can’t tell you how cool it is when people came by the booth, specifically saying, I wanted to make sure to get to meet you. Angry Robot had a pretty huge shipment of USJ books. But by the second morning, they sold out. Fortunately, our amazing marketing manager, Mike Underwood, ordered more for the next day. All through the second day, people were coming by asking for USJ. He got Penguin-Random House to overnight more books. But within a few hours of the third day, USJ sold out again. So overall, it’s been a great show- exhausting, and I’m starting to feel a little sick from the lack of the sleep- but totally worth it. I’ll have more on the show itself in a later post, along with my thoughts on panels too, but just wanted to share some of the pictures first. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! (also, the main image is the cool person who bought the last copy the first time around. I loved her cosplay and was really hoping it’d be her so I could post her picture with that gun- AWESOME!)

IMG_0357IMG_0284 IMG_0274 IMG_0080 IMG_0091IMG_0343IMG_0348

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