USJ Tshirts and Gen Con Schedule

usjtshirtsGen Con is coming and I can’t wait as I’ll be part of the Writer’s Symposium, participating in some very cool panels. It’s the biggest tabletop convention in the US with over 60,000 people attending last year.

Angela and I always joked about getting matching t-shirts, but I was always too self-conscious for it, lol. With Gen Con on the horizon, we thought, why not? We’ll be clad in United States of Japan t-shirts for Gen Con for which we are super excited! Lots of panels, getting to meet lots of amazing people, and tabletop games galore!

I’m so excited I’m going to get to meet Kameron Hurley in person. I love her books. Also, thrilled about reconnecting with some of the Angry Robot Authors including Patrick, Carrie, and Jay. I’m also so excited I’ll get to see someone I look to as a mentor, Margaret Weis. I grew up reading her books, and I still consider meeting her one of the best moments of my writing life. She was so encouraging and took the time to read several of my stories, which meant the world to me.

Here’s my full Gen con Schedule (I always see other authors posting their schedules and I’m so excited I get my first chance to do this!). If I’m not at the panel, I’ll most likely be at the Angry Robot Booth. If you see me there or on the show floor, be sure to say hi!

2PM Short Fiction: Where to Start the Story : Chamber
5PM Writer’s Craft: Making Every Word Matter: Cabinet

11:00 AM Writing Novels: Story Breadcrumbs: Causus
2:00 PM Writing Novels: POV Head Hopping: Causus
3:00 PM Writer’s Craft: Fantasy in the 21st Century: Congress I
6:00 PMReading: Alyc Helms and Peter Tieryas: Causus

1:00PM Worldbuilding 101 : Capital I
4:30 Signing: Angry Robot Booth
6:00PM Character Craft: Building Them Up: Capital 1


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