United States of Japan Is Going to China


I was so thrilled and honored to learn that United States of Japan’s Chinese language rights have sold to an incredible Chinese publisher, New Star Press, a publishing house renowned for their science fiction classics and new titles alike, as well as some excellent World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed tie-ins. Chinese literature has had such a huge impact on my life, from Three Kingdoms, Dream of Red Mansions, Pu Songling, and many others, so I’m very excited. This also means my family in China can read it which is real special to me. This is a random picture from a visit to Xian that was just unbelievable and the water show there eclipsed the Bellagio in size- but I thought the sense of awe that I felt captures my feeling right now! Thank you superstar agent Gray Tan and Angry Robot Books for this amazing opportunity!

It should be sometime next year which makes me want to revisit China then. I’ve spent a lot of time in various book stores in China, and it would be so amazing to see United States of Japan on the shelves. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


6 thoughts on “United States of Japan Is Going to China

    • Thanks sanfeng! I can’t make it this year as it’s too short of a notice (and the book isn’t out yet), but I’ll talk with them next year. Cheers and thanks for the information =)

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