United States of Japan Makes Kinokuniya, Borderland Books, and Locus Magazine’s Bestseller Lists


The reception to United States of Japan has been pretty amazing. I’m also delighted to report it’s made a few best seller lists including Kinokuniya’s, Locus Magazine (at least a runner up), and Borderland Books (I’m not including Amazon for now though it’s made #1 in several categories over the first two months). Considering Kinokuniya and Borderland Books are two of my favorite bookstores around, I was so honored. It was also an amazing feeling a month or so back when I went to one of my favorite Kinokuniya’s (one I’ve been going to for over a decade) and seeing my book featured in the front of the store. Thank you to everyone who’s bought the book, talked about it, shared it, even panned it, ha ha. I appreciate all of you! Ultimately, I know these lists don’t mean much, but it’s still just so cool. Looking forward to this weekend. So much happening. =)



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