An Interview with the Atlantic Council Snowcraft Center on International Security


I had the tremendous honor of talking with August Cole at the Art of the Future Project, driven by the Atlantic Council Snowcroft Center on International Security! We covered a lot of topics including writing habits, inspirations, and whether I think real life mechas are possibles. I even talked about Chrono Trigger, Seven Samurai, and my thoughts on international politics. The questions were really interesting and I enjoyed reflecting on each of them. Big thanks to August and the Art of the Future Project!

“The story offers up sprawling online gaming environments of existential national importance, giant Japanese military battle robots, or mecha, and semi-official military biological experiments as a back-to-the future reminder that our contemporary understanding of technology is only a temporary awareness of what is possible. Tieryas does this by looking backwards in time with an alternate history of America’s late twentieth century in the spirit of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.”


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