“United States of Japan is set in a world that’s beautifully descriptive, oftentimes shocking and mixed in with outrageous sci-fi environments.” SF Signal Reviews USJ


SF Signal is one of the best science fiction blogs around and I was blown away by this amazing review of USJ on the site.

“Complicated questions and emotions arose as I read United States of Japan, as varying viewpoints and motivations of its central characters were muddied and explored. Billed as a “spiritual sequel” to Philip K. Dick’s Man in the High Castle, Peter Tieryas’ vision of an alternative history in which the United States loses World War II and falls under Japan’s rule, is a thoughtfully designed narrative that’s densely layered with no easy answers. It’s one with many elements I’ve spent time wrapping my head around, and it’s what makes it so engaging.

At its core, United States of Japan is constructed as a narrative which incorporates historical atrocities of war and does not sugar-coat its harsh realities. Then, it also asks a set of questions: What if the United States lost the war and came under Japanese rule? What if freedom of the American dream was taken? Would the American spirit die? The simple answer to the last would be “no”. However, what follows is anything but a straightforward story of struggles of one resistance group trying to reclaim their freedom.”

Big thanks to Editor John DeNardo and reviewer N. Ho Sang!



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