“United States of Japan sees an author capable of beautiful, evocative prose writing a fast-paced Science Fiction novel of old” -Fantasy Faction Reviews United States of Japan


Fantasy Faction is an amazing site with awesome reviews, interviews, and articles. I was blown away by Marc Aplin’s amazing review of the book that gets into the history, technology, and strangeness, as well as the horrors. He also notes the connection to 1984 which was a haunting book from growing up. I paid tribute to the main character, Winston, by making USJ’s co-protagonist, Ben, 39, the same age. Check out more of the review at the link below and big thanks to FF and Marc!

Beniko’s point of view will feel familiar to readers who have read George Orwell’s 1984. Beniko’s chapters are expertly crafted to leave the reader with a palpable feeling of anxiety and claustrophobia. Regularly, we see our protagonist double checking his words and expressions, fearful of doing something that could potentially be considered traitorous to the empire or even just taken as an example of not being in fully supportive of the cause. Ben’s position means that he is very aware of how even arbitrary actions can lead to imprisonment, torture or death.



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