United States of Japan is going to Japan


I’m so thrilled to announce the Japanese rights of United States of Japan have sold to a really amazing publisher (who is also the Japanese publisher for many of Philip K. Dick’s books!). The reception in Japan has, so far, been amazing and I can’t wait for this release early next year.  You can read the whole Angry Robot announcement at the bottom link. I’m so curious how the translation will be and how Japanese readers respond. I’ve mentioned multiple times how much impact Japanese culture has had so I’m all the more eager/nervous/excited.

There’s been so much United States of Japan stuff going on even two months since release, that I didn’t know what to write about in this update. I know it’s been a while. I was doing book tour stuff, then vacation stuff, and finally got back only to get a really bad cold that pretty much left me in bed for a week and a half. When I wasn’t sleeping, I actually caught up on some reading, gaming, and writing too. So it ended up being nice (aside from what felt like perpetual coughing). Lot of great reviews. Lot of reviews asking about the violence too. I take the good, the bad, the ugly, and the weird, lol. I am grateful whenever anyone reads the book.

I’ve also been enjoying Pokemon a whole lot. That picture is a group of Pikachus running in electrified circles. Kind of captures the sense of ecstasy/surreal joy I felt when I found out!



The Twitter Announcement of USJ Japanese Deal!





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