United States of Japan Releases and a Small Review Roundup!


I am really really late with this post as the book’s been out for over two weeks now. It’s been one heckuva ride and the press the book has been getting has been amazing. I feel like I’m finally getting a chance to catch my breath and just wanted to update the blog. The book released on 3/1, and from that first moment, it’s been a whirl. Tons of great reviews, features, interviews, tweets, and just amazing amounts of support (thank you everyone!!!). The next couple of weeks are going to be even more hectic. On a really cool piece of news, my in-laws are visiting. And I’m also going to be doing a bit of traveling to promote the book which is going to be awesome. Also, I’m going to be doing a short vacation as well. The reception to USJ has been overwhelmingly cool and I’ve found myself in the odd position of having to turn down requests for short stories, features, and even interviews. I’ve never had to do that before and it feels weird as it’s usually the opposite situation, with me doing my best to get my work included or get some press for my work .I am grateful to every single editor and writer.

You can check out the book at Amazon where the paperback is just under $10! (there’s also an audiobook and ebook)


And here’s a few of the awesome reviews in a short roundup, starting with the awesome Smashing Dragons whose blog I love (and Matt is one of the coolest people I’ve met online)!

“The United States of Japan is simply brilliant. Tieryas has taken everything I loved about The Man in the High Castle and made it better. A dark and brutal thriller set in a dystopian world that will blow your mind, the United States of Japan is one of my reads of the year so far.”


And my weird interview with Smashing Dragons:


Here’s a wonderful review from a Bookish Affair. I’m a big fan of Meg’s reviews, and it’s an honor for her to take a look at my latest!

If you want scifi that sticks with you long after you finish the book and has you asking what if this happened after the last page, this would be a great pick!


And the incredible BigWoWo! Byron’s one of the best people around and loved this review!

It’s by far Peter’s most ambitious novel to date. This has also been the most thought-provoking book I’ve read all year. 


A lot more coming with some really big news (apart from the book release!). Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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