In-depth Interview about USJ at io9 Gizmodo


I was interviewed about my new book at io9 Gizmodo!!! I was so excited to go really in-depth about United States of Japan, the tragic history that inspired it, as well as how Man in the High Castle and PKD were influences. USJ releases tomorrow and of course, it’s been a big honor to reach out to so many people and talk about the main ideas behind the book. Obviously, after tomorrow, USJ will take on a life of its own. How it will do, I have no idea, and often as a writer, you just can’t worry about it. But was super super elated this weekend, FF fanfare playing on repeat in the background.

When we assembled our list of books that we were pumped about coming out in 2016, one particularly stands out: United States of Japan, billed as a ‘spiritual successor of The Man in the High Castle’. It’s got giant mechs, alternate history, and did I mention giant mechs?

United States of Japan arrives in bookstores this coming week, and takes place in an alternate history where the United States loses World War II. Fast forward to the 1980s, where a subversive video game is taking hold, and one soldier, Captain Beniko Ishimura, is tasked with tracking down the makers, only to discover that there’s more to the story.



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