United States of Japan Makes Publisher Weekly’s 10 Anticipated Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror books


United States of Japan made Publisher Weekly’s 10 SF, Fantasy, and Horror Books to look forward to in spring 2016. PW made such a big difference for Bald New World, including it in their list of best books and giving it a starred review, so I was ecstatic to be included in this fantastic list. I was actually stunned when reading a review that mentioned USJ “is hotly anticipated by much of the science fiction press.” And I seriously was like, OMG, did I just read that right? Before it hit me, USJ actually is hotly anticipated. That moment didn’t really click until I read that (and this is not one of those false modesty things, but genuine surprise!). I’m still in this nervous anxious state where I’m so curious to hear what the first set of reviewers will think. They’ll start seeping in soon and I cannot wait. Hopefully, reviewers will like it, or at least, be moved by it as it’s a dark book. Thanks again to Publisher’s Weekly!



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