United States of Japan Listed in B&N’s 2016 Books SF/F Editors Want You to Read


Happy New Year everyone! It’s the time for regrets, resolutions, and resolves. I’m very excited this year to start off being included on this incredible list from the top Science Fiction & Fantasy editors from my favorite publishers at the Barnes and Noble sci fi blog. There are so many great books, and it was thrilling for my publisher to pick out United States of Japan along with four other amazing books they’re coming out with. Big thanks to Marc for the incredible words. Also, big thanks to all the readers out there from all over the world who’ve visited the blog over the past year!

Peter Tieryas’ imagination is firing on all cylinders as he conjures up an America that lost WWII, and is now ruled by the Japanese. Not everyone is cowed by their giant mechas, however, and a message of rebellion is being circulated in a subversive videogame. Look closer, though, and you’ll realise there’s a lot more to this book than cool tech and fighting – there’s a deeper examination of how America and Japan deal with their guilt over WWII, and our ongoing troubled relationship with the past.



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