Strangest Dystopias Article on io9


I was very excited that the Dystopia list I wrote with Narelle has reached over 166K readers on Kotaku and was featured over at io9 as well. It was a blast to research and write, and I’m so grateful to editors at both sides for giving us the chance to explore the strangest dystopias in gaming.

From Remember Me:

Paris, the city of lights and memories. But what about memories that can be shared and erased? Neo-Paris has a facelift with bright lights, huge corporations, and rebels called Errorists. Dystopias reach another level when they can shift the fabric of the collective memory, a Jungian unconsciousness subverted in favor of the state. Erasing regrets has its allure, and this mix of science fiction, action, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a reminder that even the worst memories are better than none.



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