United States of Japan $2.99 for Christmas


United States of Japan is still three months away, but my publisher has set the ebook preorders at $2.99 for two weeks of Christmas. USJ has been a lot of sweat, tears, and love, and if you’re curious what it’s about, you can check it out at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here’s a quick synopsis:

A spiritual sequel to The Man In The High Castle, focusing on the New Japanese Empire, from an acclaimed author and essayist.

The Axis won WWII and now, in the late 1980s, the Japanese Empire rules over the western US states, their power assured by technological superiority (giant mecha, etc.) But when a video game emerges that posits a world where the allies won, a game censor and an Imperial Government agent discover truths about the empire that make them question their loyalty.

Thanks beforehand to all those who have preordered the book! It’s up in the 30s for top 100 Alternate History books on Amazon which is awesome considering how far out we are from release date. =)



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