My First Youtube Review: Ultima IV for NES

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar on the Nintendo and NES was one of my absolute favorite games growing up and I made this review/video to discuss what I loved about the game from the perspective of the eight virtues. I haven’t played the PC version of Ultima 4, though most of the reviews I read or saw were about the PC one which is why I made this, principally to preserve some of my favorite memories from the Nintendo version. The text of the review is based on my article at

Big thanks to my editor at Bridget McGovern. I really enjoyed making this, even though being my first video, there are some silly mistakes, ha ha. I can’t believe there are already more than 3000 views!

As I’m not a formal video reviewer (aside from a few rambling posts, ha ha), I always appreciate tips, especially as this is my first real youtube review. My Nikon was acting strange so I shot my game manual footage on a less than ideal camera- and this also explains why there are audio shifts (despite poor footage, I still wanted to show the manual as it’s great). It’s much more noticeable when you have ear phones on and it’s because I had to change microphones. I hope to get fixed equipment soon and hope it doesn’t detract too much from the review. Thanks for watching and above all, I hope it inspires an interest in Ultima IV which is fantastic! As a side note, I did ask Lord British himself how involved he was with the Japanese ports and he indicated not that much which was interesting to find out all these years later.



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