United States of Japan Final Draft Done


I just turned in the final draft for the United States of Japan which will now go for copywriting. I feel like a big load came off my shoulders. My editor was fantastic and gave incredible feedback which I feel makes the book a lot stronger. At the same time, I’m mentally drained from reading and re-reading the book for what feels like the hundredth time. Also feeling sick from a long Thanksgiving weekend. Neighbors were screaming at each other almost every night; I reinjured my arm during hoops and the cold has aggravated it; a flat tire left me stuck at home; and just feel crappy without Angela. First turkey day alone in years. But there’s a joy in losing myself in the craft, writing, editing, obsessing over words, story arcs, and tempo. Moments like this, I love love writing. Now, I need to recover a little and sleep. Really behind on reviews, short stories, and articles. Will play catch up over the next few months. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!


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