7 Strangest JRPG Sequels at Kotaku


Since I’ve written a strange sequel, I wrote about some of the strangest JRPG sequels I’ve played including Ultima IV, Chrono Cross, and Phantasy Star III. I was pretty dang excited to have it featured on Kotaku and it was very cool seeing more than 65K people read it!

My favorite one was probably about Zelda 2, lol

I honestly wish there was a new Zelda game done in the sidescrolling style of The Adventure of Link. I know it was vastly different, but I loved the game and the way it introduced towns, magic, and experience points. Playing it now, it feels even more strange because of just how far it strays from the Zelda formula we’ve come to expect. I enjoyed wandering temples in combat, talking to unusual townspeople like “Error,” and using my favorite technique, the downthrust, to get through the tight tunnels of Death Mountain. Zelda II also let you turn into a fairy and fly past all your enemies. The part the official Zelda timeline didn’t mention was that in one of the alternate histories, Link got stuck in fairy form, went back in time, and started calling himself Navi. “Hey, listen!”





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