Bald New World is 99 Cents on Amazon


My first book, Bald New World, is just 99 cents on Amazon. My publisher, Perfect Edge, is holding the sale throughout the month of November. Here’s some of the nice things places have said about the book:

Highlighted by Kollaboration in March as one of three Asian American authors on the rise, Liu’s debut novel “Bald New World” deals with a global epidemic of follicular proportions. When Baldification hits the planet, the pair find themselves caught up in an sci-fi tinged international conspiracy, turning their penchant for adventure into a series of daring discoveries. -Yahoo!

Bald New World builds a dystopian future that is terrifying, clever with a sometimes beautiful exterior that is gritty in its truths. It is captivating in its visuals and storytelling of a world in chaos.  -Observation Deck at io9

Bald New World has it all: a sci-fi setting that is both probable and mesmerizing, an intriguing plot, an engaging character surrounded by others with complicated motivations, and a powerful voice. -SF Signal
Bald New World is sort of like a Haruki Murakami novel set in a future reminiscent of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash… where everyone is bald.
-Electric Literature

This book manages to accomplish something extraordinarily rare for a debut: it earns a spot on the list of must-read dystopian novels next to writers like Orwell, Bradbury, and Philip K. Dick.


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