My Shanghai love story, Phobia, nominated for a Pushcart Prize from Gargoyle Magazine


I just found out one of my favorite lit magazines, Gargoyle Magazine/Paycock Press (who I’ve admired since I began writing short stories), nominated my Shanghai love story, Phobia, for a Pushcart Prize. I know a nomination is different from getting on one of the lists for the Pushcart, but still super honored to represent such a great magazine (particularly as issue 62 had so many good stories! Big thanks to Editor Richard Peabody! I remember how much I wanted to get into the magazine. Their submission window is once a year and for three years straight, I sent them work. When my first story got accepted in Gargoyle 57, I was beyond thrilled. To get the chance to represent Gargoyle is a big honor. As for “Phobia,” it’s a fun love story set in the streets of Shanghai that’s all about, you guessed it, phobias and the human heart. =p



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