5 Fantastic Books to Read On Vacation at Examiner.com


Part of the joy of a vacation is catching up on all the books I’ve had backlogged for months. These are five books I’d heartily recommend for any trip published at Examiner, not the typical travelogues you’d expect in a vacation recommendation list, but books that push the boundaries of genre and literature to give your break a whole new perspective. Here are two of the books I recommend and more on the site:

The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard
Aliette de Bodard’s alternate vision of Paris is one of the most brilliantly dark reconstructions of the city of lights ever written. It’s a poetry of destruction, drenched in the horrors of a house war. Her writing is so gorgeous in its depiction of ruination, it feels like she’s literally swooping you off your feet and dropping you into the dilapidations of a city post-heavenly war. Different myths intersect, united in their savage search for celestial feasts, reminding us that tragedy transcends culture and beliefs. The House of Shattered Wings is a shrine to all that we love about books, humbling us with its awe-inspiring constructions as well as its violent plunges into the depths of existence.

Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace
Culinary hell, a delicatessen of your nightmares, a savory adventure that bakes your brain into rolls of anticipation. Sounds like the perfect vacation dinner, right? Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace is the meal you’ll never forget, that five course dinner that sets your senses on fire and burns every nerve in your tongue but still leaves you wanting more. All the dishes are a marvel including a brutal knife fight, the dark secret behind chicken nuggets, and a le plat principal of rare angel flesh. The Sin du Jour handles exclusive clientele and discovering the secrets of demonic taste buds is the twisted special of the night that continually surprises. You literally won’t know what is being served next and the insights into politics, social customs, and fine dining serve as pungent spices to enliven an already fantastic meal. Wallace is an incredible chef.



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