Dinner at Monsieur Paul in Epcot was Amazing


After a long day at the Magic Kingdom, we were reading for a nice dinner. We found it at the absolutely sublime Monsieur Paul in Epcot. If you’re looking for creative French cuisines, you need look no further. Epcot ended up being the park we visited the most in Disney World, mainly because of the variety of great food at the World Showcase.  From the very first dish at Monsier Paul, which are their bread rolls baked with mushroom and bacon, to the final dessert, we were seriously excited about the way each dish was a culinary delight. Part of it always is about going in with certain expectations and having those expectations twisted with the hint of another flavor or some other ingredient that adds a little kick. Angela and I loved the duck, which was honestly the best duck we’ve had outside of the Beijing kaoyas. I actually was a bit nervous as she was tempted to get the scallops and I strongly suggested the duck. I hoped I hadn’t blown it with my suggestion. The smile that followed after her first bite relieved me. It was tender and full of flavor. I had the NY Steak which was savory and rich. Even the accompanying potatoes were great.The escargots as appetizers was very different in that we’re used to a set of them covered in sauce. Here, it was more like a soup cooked in a way that doesn’t mask the flavor of the snails, but rather accentuates it. Depending on your preference, you can either love it or not, ha ha.

IMG_7347 IMG_7345

The service was incredible and attentive as most of the staff was from France. In fact, in some ways, I liked the service here better than in France, lol. They don’t have a strict dress code, though they ask all men to have their shoulders covered (a t-shirt is fine. My jersey for the hot Orlando heat was not, which I made up for by wearing a jacket which worked in the air conditioned interior). Depending on where you sit and the time, you can catch the fireworks outside on the lake from the windows.


I thought it was interesting that the steak reminded me of a similar dish, at least in terms of presentation, as we had in Lyon at Bocuse’s school which I wrote about. It made sense, then, to learn his son, Paul Bocuse, owned the Monsieur Paul, and that the menu is prepared by Chef Francisco Santin, who worked closely with Bocuse in France. There is a bit of a hefty price tag, but it was worth it for us as it was a special day we wanted to celebrate.

IMG_7344 IMG_7343

We were both impressed repeatedly in that the typical idea of amusement park food being processed garbage was upturned, particularly in Epcot. I highly recommend Monsieur Paul if you’re interested in some great French food. It’s at the opposite end of the park from the entrance (though very close to the ferry boat to Hollywood Studios) so give yourself time to get to the other end. My other tip is go at night when everything is lit up and even the Eiffel Tower looks real, off in the distance. Day sort of breaks that illusion, ha ha.



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