My Thoughts on the Writing Life Allegorized as a Mario Maker Level for Entropy


In Super Mario Maker, you marvel, gawk, laugh, play then get to creating. Every level uploaded on the network is a work of art, a story if you will. Some art is clunky and bad. Others are quirky and eclectically strange, verging on the sublime. There are the refined, the beautiful, the showy (some of the automatic levels people have designed are amazing), the nostalgic, and the convoluted. The stories range from, get to the other side of this trap-filled hell world, to existential loneliness in the face of a neverending pit. I’ll admit, some of my initial levels are ridiculously hard to the point where I was angry at myself for having made them (not to mention my wife who tested them for me and was not happy with me ).

The concept behind my Entropy level is a sort of mad amalgam describing my mixed feelings towards the struggles inherent in both writing a novel and starting a magazine. Huge clutters of chaos, koopas, and goombas. Me, foolishly thinking I had an invincibility star to help me race through everything, only to crash into a flotilla of foes that leave me in a quagmire of my own creation.

The rest of my essay is at Entropy Magazine.

And a playthrough on Youtube of that Entropy level.


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