The Sequel Philip K. Dick Couldn’t Write at Fantasy Faction


I never would have discovered Philip K. Dick if not for an unfortunate turn of events in my time at Berkeley. This is part of that story, how I fell in love with PKDs work, and how more than a decade later, it turned into the United States of Japan. I’m really excited about this essay as I usually don’t get to write about the stories behind my writing until much closer to the book release. Even with Bald New World, I don’t think I really began talking about the book until a few early interviews, including this awesome one with Kollaboration right as the book was releasing. This essay was a lot of fun not just to write, but to research as well. Philip K. Dick is one of those guys I think would be incredible to meet. Would love to go on a stroll with him through CAL and talk about all our wild adventures, lol. Big thanks to the incredible Fantasy-Faction (one of the best sites out there!) for letting me share this story!

I’ve always loved The Man in the High Castle and I was surprised to learn that Philip K. Dick wanted to write a sequel, but couldn’t do it. As he stated in an interview: “It’s too horrible, too awful. I started several times to write a sequel, but I had to go back and read about Nazis again, so I couldn’t do it. Somebody would have to come in and help me–someone who had the stomach for it, the stamina, to think along those lines, to get into the head of the right character.”


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